First we would like to thank you for the choice to rent your home from Valor Homes. If you are interested in tranferring to another one of our homes, we are happy to do our best to accommodate you in the switch. Please read carefully below how this process works.

If transferring before the lease is up, there is a $350 transfer fee that must be paid before transferring.
If transferring after the lease is up, there is no transfer fee.

**Tenant must have been living in current residence for AT LEAST two years to be eligible to transfer.

Tenant must have a zero ($0) balance to transfer.
Tenant must be 100% caught up with their balance to transfer and no 3 day notices within the last six months.  Tenant must have timely and consistent payment history.

A home inspection of your current rental property must be completed before receiving approval to transfer. House must be in good, clean standing with no major damage at time of inspection in order to transfer. This includes the yard, roof, and gutters.

We can only hold a house for 2 weeks, unless it’s a remodel and therefore the remodel is the delay.
You must pay a new security deposit for the new home you'd like to transfer to.
Tenant must provide new proof of income to qualify if the new house is going to be more expensive.
Tenant can either look on the website for some house options and/or we can give the tenant some options over the phone/email or email them the list of our available homes for rent.
Tenant must drive by the houses first to narrow down the list before an appointment is made to view the inside.
Once they have confirmed a house they’d like to transfer to, the tenant is responsible for the following:

Paying the per diem for each house the tenant occupies. For example, if the new lease is signed on a Friday for the “new” house however the tenant still occupies the “old” house until Sunday, the tenant occupied two houses for 3 days and will need to pay the per diem for the “old” house.

Leave the “old” house clean and Move In Ready or repairs and cleaning cost will be deducted from the security deposit therefore not all of your deposit will be returned to you.

Until the tenant does a Move Out Inspection, they have not relinquished the home and therefore are still responsible for paying rent at the old location. The tenant is responsible for letting us know when to schedule a Move Out Inspection with our agent to relinquish the keys.

If the home was freshly painted upon your move in, you will be charged if the house is not in the same condition when you move out (paint: $1.00 per square foot). Please paint the walls the same color as they were when you moved in.

Grass must be cut, bushes trimmed and gutters clear.  HVAC filters must be cleaned.

Tenant must sign a new 12 Month lease. 

Please call the office with any questions. Thank you again for choosing to stay with Valor Homes!