We view our technicians as an extension of our “in-office” family. Many of our techs have been working with us for years. We have licensed plumbers, licensed electricians, and licensed heating and air techs. Our techs attend a weekly training meeting where we discuss ways we can improve as well as ways we can improve tenant and employee safety and satisfaction.


Please note: Valor Homes is not able to reimburse anyone for any painting, cleaning or other repairs that you make or have made to property without prior written approval from Valor Homes. Please understand that there are certain issues that are out of Valor Homes control such as the time slot for when appliances are delivered, when the utility companies decide to turn on or off utilities or install gas meters. Valor Homes does not repair, replace or provide outside lighting, chimney's, water spickets, garbage disposals, door bells, ceiling fans, fireplaces, toilet roll holders, towel holders, shower curtain rods, faucet sprayers, blinds, window screens, light bulbs, filters, outside painting.
Security bars and doors are installed as a courtesy and not required by law. Valor Homes does not make any guarantee that you will not have a break in. Security bars and doors are added security but we cannot promise they will keep intruders out. Security bars and doors installation is based on urgency and the order in which they are installed is at the discretion of Valor Homes Management.

Repairs:  We offer you a value proposition. We cannot guarantee a perfect home however we guarantee you that we offer the best value for your dollar. In order for us to continue to offer long term affordable homes as our mission dictates, the customer must be a partner with us in making minor repairs.  We will make the big repairs but we need the customer to help with the small minor repairs.  We cannot deliver a perfect home, only a livable home.  It is up to the customer to make the small improvements that are important to them. 

If the customer wants our help in any way they must request it and we will either fix the problem or let them know that we can’t. We cannot fix every issue, but we do address what we believe are the important issues.  Again, we offer a value proposition that not every person will appreciate.  If you prefer a landlord to fix every little issue then you will certainly be paying much more rent for the home you live in. Any reimbursement request by the customer must be requested in advance or it will not be approved.  

Non-Emergency Repair issues: call or text 404-563-0936 or email repairs@valorleadership.com Be sure to provide your name and best contact phone number. Please put your street address in subject line of your email. Ex: 123 Your Street. 

After Hours or Emergency Repair issues: such as backed up sewer, AC or heat not working, toilets overflowing, please call or text cell 404-563-0936. If you haven’t heard from anyone within 24 hours, please call back. We want to help you. The messages are checked regularly for emergencies and someone will call you back. 

Minor Repairs: running toilets, clogged toilets, loose toilet seats, caulking around tubs/sinks, light bulbs, etc. are considered minor repairs and should be handled by the tenant. Remember, if you break it… you fix it. 



Valor Homes is not able to provide or repair the following:  

  • Screens for the windows                                                      
  • Window treatments/blinds
  • Garbage disposals
  • Screen doors
  • Phone jacks
  • Outside security lights
  • Guarantees for outside sheds their contents
  • Broken doorbells
  • Ceiling fans
  • Monthly pest control service for tenant occupied homes
  • Kitchen sink sprayers
  • Light bulbs or broken windows after move in
  • Tub stoppers
  • Shower rods
  • Toilet roll fixtures
  • Towel rods

From the Repair Department

Attention:  Charges will be applied to tenant's account for the "cost of the repair" if the repair has been caused by the tenant(s).  Also, if a technician comes to the home to make a repair and the tenant(s) then decide the repair is no longer needed a $50.00 trip fee will apply. 
Reminders:  All missed appointments will generate a $50.00 trip fee.  

Valor Homes does not repair, replace or provide cable TV wiring, phone wiring, outside lighting, chimney's, fence repair, water spigots, garbage disposals, door bells, ceiling fans, fireplaces, toilet roll holders, towel holders, shower curtain rods, faucet sprayers, blinds, window screens, light bulbs, or filters.
A minimum charge of $50 will apply for minor repairs:
Change a battery 
Replace toilet seat(s)
Change a light bulb depending on the height of the ceiling
HVAC filters after 30 days of moving in


Valor Homes cares about your feedback. We will be contacting you after the repair is done and ask you about your satisfaction. As we uphold ourselves to a high standard, we will always ask you these 5 questions about your experience:

1 - Did our tech call you to schedule an appointment to come and fix your issue?

2 – Did the tech arrive on time as promised?

3 – Was the tech wearing the Valor Homes t-shirt? 

4 – Did the tech explain what the problem was and what he did to fix it?

5 – How would you rate your satisfaction with our repair team?

We are looking forward to your feedback!