Deposit Return Policy: Must have at least a 525 credit score. It is very important that you are sure about your choice BEFORE you reserve a home. There is no application fee however there is a $50 fee for the screening unless you qualify to rent from us. If you qualify, the fee is waived. If the screening is not performed, we do not charge you the $50 however if a screening has been ran but you do not rent from us for any reason, there is a $50 fee to cover the screening.

If you reserve a home and then change your mind after 48 hours, we keep $200 of your initial deposit. The $200 we retain is to compensate us for taking the home off the market, updating the website and processing the paperwork and running your screening. If you change your mind before the initial 48 hours but a screening has been completed for you, you will get your money back minus $50 for the screening. In order to reserve a home, you must pay half a month's rent in cash or money order.  Payment can be made by giving the funds to a Valor Homes employee or by depositing the funds directly into our bank account. You can call the office to get our bank account information. To hold a property for 2 weeks we require a deposit equal to 1/2 a month's rent (cash or money order).  To hold a property for 1 month we require a deposit equal to 1 month's rent (cash or money order). 

If you change your mind before 2 weeks, we will return the deposit minus $200.  If you change your mind after two weeks, we will retain the equivalent of half a months rent. If an exception is made and the home is held for more than 30 days, yet you fail to move in, you will lose your entire Security Deposit equal to one months rent. The money we hold back is to cover the costs of taking the home off the the market, updating the website and processing the paperwork plus compensation for time we lost where we could have rented the home to someone else. If you put money down on a property and the property is then reserved for you, a background check is then run. If you lie on your application or mistate the dates of the filing or state you do not have any recent evictions or filings, yet recent evictions or filings appear on your background check, there is a $50.00 non-refundable fee (for the screening) unless you opt to pay the extra security deposits. Eviction = if a landlord ever brought you to court. Just because you moved out before the sheriff came, does not mean the eviction wasn't granted. If a landlord has filed for eviction within the last 3 years, or more than one time in the past 5 years, regardless of the circumstances in which they filed, you must pay three security deposits plus the first months rent in order to move in. No exceptions. We do not have the resources or time to conduct an investigation.