*** Tenant Loyalty Program-GET PAID***


Our mission at Valor Homes 100 LLC is to provide long term affordable homes for families.  All our processes are designed to achieve that mission and live up to our motto, "We will be the best landlord you ever had!"  We strive to be the best in our industry and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business.  Instead of raising the rents, we've chosen to renew leases keeping the rent charges the same as they were when our customers first moved in, despite the market showing we could often get more.

 In order to accomplish this, we need your help. We cannot provide a perfect home, but rather a home that is priced according to its imperfections.  Minor Repairs cost us a lot of money and take away from the bottom line, and the bottom line is how we survive as a business and how we can afford to keep rents low and reward our loyal customers.  Minor imperfections that can be overlooked, should be.  We want to GIVE BACK to our customers and reward them when possible but we have 329 houses to maintain and that's not an easy job, especially if we don't have the help from our tenants.

 Another way for our customers to help is to pay the rent on time.  We very much appreciate our customers who pay on time because it costs us time and money to send out reminders and follow up unpaid charges. 

To appreciate customers who help save us money, we are introducing a “Tenant Loyalty Program.”  We've created some criteria to help distinguish such customers.  Here is a list of our criteria to qualify for the Tenant Loyalty Program:


1.  Customer has been in the house for at least 12 months

2.  Must not have received a 3 Day Notice within the past 6 months and has never been brought to court for unpaid   


3.  Customer has a zero balance owed except for current month’s rent at time of renewal

4.  Customer has had minimal costs in repairs or repair calls

5. Tenant must pass an annual Housing Inspection performed by one of our Inspectors.

The way we've chosen to reward those qualifying customers is at the time of lease renewal we give a onetime monetary gift in the form of a credit on your rent.  The amount we give is based on the length of the lease renewal and the amount of rent you pay.  We know everyone can use a little extra cash!!  If you'd like to be rewarded for being a good tenant, simply meet the 5 listed requirements and you can get paid for it!!!  As of October 2014, we've had over 100 tenants participate in the program and it only started in July 2013. So get on board and get paid!!