Valor Homes would like to WELCOME YOU HOME!!

 Our Mission: To Provide Long Term Affordable Homes For Families

 Valor Homes Contact Information

 Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00           

 Address: 120 Millbrook Village Dr., Suite E, Tyrone GA 30290    

Phone Number 404-647-9174 - Fax Number: 404-591-7945


Thank you for choosing your new property from Valor Homes. This Welcome Packet contains important information, so please read it in its entirety and keep it in a safe, easy to find location for quick reference.  

Renters Insurance: You are required to get Renters Insurance. Renters Insurance covers damages to your personal belongings due to fires, break-ins, water damage from leaks or sewage issues. Valor Homes Insurance only covers the house structure, our Insurance does not pay for loss of your personal belongings. Valor Homes does not pay for the loss of your personal belongings or damages to your personal belongings. A good start is checking with your auto insurance provider to see if they provide rental insurance.

Utilities: Utilities are services to the home such as power, water, or gas if applicable.  Please keep in mind that you are responsible for having utilities switched into your name within 5 calendar days of the lease start date. Under no circumstances are we able to leave the utilities on in our name. 

Adding Someone to the Lease Policy: If you need to add someone to the lease after the lease has been signed, they will need to pay the $50 for the cost of the screening and have no recent evictions or filings within the last 3 years or no more than one in the last 5 years.  

Removing Someone from the LeaseThe tenant that wishes to be removed from the lease may be removed as long as tenant submits 60 days written notice to landlord and pays an early termination fee of $475.00 before removal . Departing tenant(s) acknowledges that the security deposit will stay with the property and waives any claim to such security deposit. Departing tenant acknowledges that he/she remains obligated for any rent, damages, or other amount due under the lease agreement accruing prior to the early termination date or the date he/she vacates the property. If tenant does not deliver to landlord 60 days written notice and payment of $475.00 within the time period requested, tenant shall be deemed to have waived his/her termination right. All criteria must be met before departing tenant's name is removed from the lease. Remaining tenant(s) assumes all rights, obligations, terms and conditions of the lease agreement.

Removing Someone from the Lease (month-to-month): All parties must submit a letter requesting removal of the said party from the lease accompanied by a valid I.D. The tenant(s) that wish to remain on the lease must meet all initial qualifications for the home.  If minimum requirements for the home are no longer met, the removal of the said tenant will be denied. 


Deposit Return Policy: It is very important that you are sure about your choice BEFORE you reserve a home.  There is no application fee however there is a $50 fee for the screening unless you qualify to rent from us. If you qualify, the fee is waived. If the screening is not performed, we do not charge you the $50 however if a screening has been ran but you do not rent from us for any reason, there is a $50 fee to cover the screening. If you reserve a home and then change your mind after 48 hours, we keep $200 of your initial deposit. The $200 we retain is to compensate us for taking the home off the market, updating the website and processing the paperwork and running your screening. If you change your mind before the initial 48 hours but a screening has been completed for you, you will get your money back minus $50 for the screening. In order to reserve a home, you must pay half a month's rent in cash or money order.  Payment can be made by giving the funds to a Valor Homes employee or by depositing the funds directly into our bank account. You can call the office to get our bank account information. To hold a property for 2 weeks we require a deposit equal to 1/2 a month's rent (cash or money order).  To hold a property for 1 month we require a deposit equal to 1 month's rent (cash or money order).  If you change your mind before 2 weeks, we will return the deposit minus $200.  If you change your mind after two weeks, we will retain the equivalent of half a months rent. If an exception is made and the home is held for more than 30 days, yet you fail to move in, you will lose your entire Security Deposit equal to one months rent. The money we hold back is to cover the costs of taking the home off the the market, updating the website and processing the paperwork plus compensation for time we lost where we could have rented the home to someone else.

If you put money down on a property and the property is then reserved for you, a background check is then run. If you lie on your application or mistate the dates of the filing or state you do not have any recent evictions or filings, yet recent evictions or filings appear on your background check, there is a $50.00 non-refundable fee (for the screening) unless you opt to pay the extra security deposits. Eviction = if a landlord ever brought you to court. Just because you moved out before the sheriff came, does not mean the eviction wasn't granted. If a landlord has filed for eviction within the last 3 years or no more than one time in the last 5 years, regardless of the circumstances in which they filed, you must pay 3 security deposits plus the first months rent in order to move in. No exceptions. We do not have the resources or time to conduct an investigation.  

Explanation of Prorated Rent: If you move in after the first day of the month, your initial rent payment will be applied to the next full months rent. On the First day of the next month, you are only required to pay for the days you occupied the home the month before. This is to get everyone on a first of the month due date. EX: If you move in on 9/20/10, then you are required to pay the first full months rent and the full security deposit which will be applied to 10/1/10-10/31/10 rent. Then on 10/1/10, you pay only for the days you occupied the home in September (9/20-9/30).  Valor Homes reserves the right to decline any customer who has attempted to commit fraud with regards to their application and/or pay stubs.  


New Move In’s, Utility issues and/or Lease questions: call or text 404-647-9174 or email leasing@valorleadership.com. Be sure to provide your name and best contact phone number. Please put your street address in subject line of your email. Ex: 123 Your Street

Payments: Report a Payment by using our website at www.valorrentals.com is the best method to report a payment. Click on "Report a Payment" and then you can report a recent payment or a payment you plan to make. You can also email payments@valorleadership.com or call or text 404-512-1078. Be sure to provide your name and best contact phone number if you email your payment information. Please put your street address in subject line of your email. Ex: 123 Your Street. If you have questions concerning your statement or a letter you’ve received, please try to email first and then call during regular business hours if you don't receive an email back from our payments department. Please allow 24 hours before you call after you've sent an email.  Reserve the weekend calls for emergency repairs only. Do not leave a message regarding a payment plan. Call back during regular hours or send an email. Remember, put it in writing!

Repairs: Report a Repair by using our website at www.valorrentals.com is the best method to report a repair. Click on "Report a Repair" or email our Repair Department at repairs@valorleadership.com. You can also call or text 404-563-0936 but remember that putting it in writing is best. Be sure to put your name and best contact phone number in  your email. Please put your street address in subject line of your email. Ex: 123 Your Street.

After Hours or Emergency Repair issues such as backed up sewer, AC or Heat not working, toilets overflowing, please call or text cell 404-563-0936 and LEAVE A MESSAGE, voicemails are checked regularly. If you haven’t heard from anyone within 24 hours, please call back. We want to help you. The messages are checked regularly for emergencies and someone will call you back.

Minor Repairs: running toilets, clogged toilets, loose toilet seats, caulking around tubs/sinks, light bulbs, etc. are considered minor repairs and should be handled by the tenant. Remember, if you break it… you fix it.

Here are some things you should know:

1. Mutual Respect Policy: One of the goals we have at Valor Homes is to always treat our tenants and employees with respect. One way we accomplish this goal is to have a Zero Tolerance Policy for profanity and rudeness. We do not tolerate our employees speaking disrespectfully to our tenants. We understand that tenants can get upset if their repairs are not completed but I can assure you we want to fix your repairs. This policy works both ways. Management has given our Employees permission to politely excuse themselves from the phone conversation if they feel they are being treated unfairly or spoken to in a way that adds unwarranted stress to their day. Please remember that we care about your health and happiness and want to help and expressing your concerns in a respectful manner will result in a faster reaction time and a win win for everyone.

2. Repairs: We offer you a value proposition. We cannot guarantee a perfect home however we guarantee you that we offer the best value for your money. In order for us to continue to offer long term affordable homes as our mission dictates, the customer must be a partner with us in making minor repairs.  We will make the big repairs but we need the customer to help with the small minor repairs.  We cannot deliver a perfect home, only a livable home.  It is up to the customer to make the small improvements that are important to them.  If the customer wants our help in any way they must request it and we will either fix the problem or let them know that we can’t. We cannot fix every issue, but we do address what we believe are the important issues.  Again, we offer a value proposition that not every person will appreciate.  If you prefer a landlord to fix every little issue then you will certainly be paying much more rent for the home you live in. Any reimbursement request by the customer must be requested in advance or it will not be approved.  Valor Homes is not able to provide or repair screens for the windows, window treatments/blinds, garbage disposals, screen doors, phone jacks, outside Security Lights, monthly pest control service for tenant occupied homes, kitchen sink sprayers, light bulbs or broken windows after move in, tub stopers, shower rods, toilet roll fixtures, towel rods, or broken doorbells. We make no guarantees for outside sheds or their contents, or ceiling fans as those could have been installed by prior tenants.


Valor Homes is not able to provide or repair the following:  

  • Screens for the windows                                                       
  • Window treatments/blinds
  • Garbage disposals
  • Screen doors
  • Phone jacks
  • Outside security lights
  • Guarantees for outside sheds their contents
  • Broken doorbells
  • Ceiling fans
  • Monthly pest control service for tenant occupied homes
  • Kitchen sink sprayers
  • Light bulbs or broken windows after move in
  • Tub stoppers
  • Shower rods
  • Toilet roll fixtures
  • Towel rods


3. Lawn Maintenance: We are a Property Management company, not a Landscaping company.  We cannot maintain 350 homes. Lawn maintenance and gutters are the tenants responsibility.

4. Utilities: Utilities are services to the home such as power, water, or gas if applicable. Utilities will remain in Valor Homes’ name for 5 calendar days from the Lease Start Date. All utilities will be disconnected on the 6th calendar day. No exceptions. Please be sure to confirm whether your home is all electric or if it has gas. Call Atlanta Gas Light to confirm. Valor Homes will bill you for the costs of all utilities from the day your lease starts until the day the utilities are switched into your name. This charge will be added to your Monthly Statement. Even though you’ve gone to the Utility companies to have the utilities turned on your name, that does not mean the utility companies turn them on in your name immediately. A lot of times, they have to go out and read meters. Therefore on your statement, you may be billed for more than 5 days because the utilities were on in our name longer than 5 days. We do not have the option to keep them in our name. BE PREPARED TO PAY A DEPOSIT TO EACH UTILITY COMPANY….SOMETIMES AS MUCH AS $550. Do not wait until the 5th day to ask to have someone else added to the lease. The day your lease starts is the day the utilities are ordered to be disconnected for the 5th calendar day and if you wait too long, you will find yourself without power, water (sewage is included in your water bill) or heat/AC. Based off our experience, you can expect a $200 power bill per every 1,000 sqft of home. This is just an estimate based off setting your thermostat to 78 degree temp for air conditioning and then 68 degree temp for heat. We also suggest using space heaters during the winter if the regular heat isn’t getting your home as comfortable as you’d like.

5. Rental Payments: Rent is due on the First day of the month. We prefer cash or Money Order- please make payable to Valor Homes 100 LLC. Please fill out a blank deposit slip for Bank of America and be sure to include your street address and your name on the deposit slip…see attachment. It is not necessary to write the city and state on the deposit slip. Each morning, we review the transactions online and credit your account where applicable. Please deposit rent payments into Bank of America Acct# 0033 4098 0138 Account Name: Valor Homes 100 LLC, 116 Palmetto Rd. Ste. J, Tyrone, GA 30290, 404-512-1078. Keep your receipts. Rent is late 5 days after due date. At that time a $50 charge will be added to your account balance. There will be a $35 fee for any bounced check we receive and we will then require that you pay with cash or Money Order only from that point on. We also accept online payments. Click on "pay rent online" and you will be automatically directed to PayLease. You will need your account number in order to register for a new account. There is no fee to pay online.

6. Filters: You are responsible for changing out your AC/Furnace Filters. Changing them every 30 days will really help lower your electric bills.

7. Pest Control: Each house is sprayed before a new tenant moves in or within 30 days of move in. After 30 days of Lease Start Date it is up to the tenant to maintain pest service. This includes ants, bees, spiders, roaches etc. Feel free to contact Douglas Pest Control at 770.460.5258 for service but you are welcome to use who ever you wish or do it yourself but be prepared to pay at time of service.

8. Wood Floors: Do not use a traditional mop with bucket of water to clean the floors. Using water can cause major damage to the floors and cause them to buckle up. We suggest that you use Swiffer Wet Jets or something like that to clean the floors. You will be charged for the repairs to the floors if they buckle due to your negligence.

9. Pet Policy: Valor Homes does not allow any inside pets. Exceptions to this rule would be fish, gerbils or hamsters. If it is discovered you have a pet there will be a required non-refundable deposit of $350.00 issued that must be paid within 30 days of the issuance. Failure to pay the deposit in full within 30 days will result in an eviction filing for violation of lease.

10.Your Contact Information: It is your responsibility to inform Valor Homes of any change in your contact information. Please let us know if your cell phone or home number changes. If we need to get in touch with you regarding your account or maintenance issues and we can not reach you due to your phone numbers being changed or disconnected, you may miss out on important information and/or your maintenance request may not be completed.

11. Alarm System: If there is already an alarm system in the home and you want it to be monitored, call NEAL ELECTRIC at 678-782-7650. You are responsible for all fees/monthly bills for alarm services.

12. Painting: We note the paint condition of each room and have made an assessment as to whether or not we need to re-paint. If we provide freshly painted rooms upon move in, they should be returned to us in the same condition. If you would like to paint the walls yourself a particular color, please let us know this before WE paint. You will not be required to re-paint the walls upon move out as long as we hadn’t painted them upon move in. Please call the office to discuss your options regarding painting. DO NOT PAINT OVER RECEPTICALS AND OUTLET COVERS. This is an extreme fire hazard.

13. Agreements made between Valor Homes and Tenants: All promises made by Valor Homes to the tenant must be put in writing to insure they will be honored. Verbal promises are too easy to misunderstand and/or be potentially overlooked.

Utility Companies

Utilities are services to the home such as power, water, or gas if applicable.

Remember to switch your utilities within 5 days of your lease start date.

City of Atlanta Water- call City of Atlanta Water for deposit information. 404-546-0311

55 Trinity Avenue, SW
Suite 1650
Atlanta GA 30335

Important Note: Optional: For those renting a property within the City of Atlanta limits, you may contact the Fire Department for a FREE Water Conservation Kit. The Kit contains a low flow shower head and low flow faucet for your sink. Remember that the City of Atlanta has exceptionally higher water and sewer charges so be conservative when watering your lawn/flowers and cleaning.

City of Atlanta Public Works- 404-330-6333

For Trash Cans for City of Atlanta ONLY. Fax written request with HUD-1 to 404-546-9073

City of College Park- call City of College Park for deposit information. 404-767-1537

3667 Main St. College Park, GA 30337

City of East Point- call City of East point deposit information. 404-270-7010

2791 East Point Street East Point, GA 30344

City Of Palmetto: call City of Palmetto for deposit information. 770-463-3377

 509 Toombs Street Palmetto, GA 30269

City of Union City- call City of Union City for deposit information. 770-964-2288

5047 Union Street Union City, GA 30291 

Clayton County Water Authority- call CCWA for deposit information. 770-960-5200

1600 Battle Creek Rd. Morrow, GA 30260

Dekalb County Water and Sewer- call DCWS for deposit information. 404-378-4475

1300 Commerce Drive (on the corner of Commerce and Trinity) in downtown Decatur

Fairburn Utilities: call Fairburn Utilities for deposit information. 770-969-3481 

106 Howell Avenue Fairburn,GA.30213 

Fayette EMC: call Fayette EMC for deposit information. 770-502-0226

Georgia Power- call Georgia Power for deposit information. 888-660-5890

Gas: Please feel free to use any gas service of your choice. 

Approved Natural Gas Providers

Trash- For trash collection in City of Atlanta, contact the office. We have to send City of Atlanta a copy of our Settlement statement along with a letter asking for trash service. Otherwise please feel free to use any trash service of your choice.

Waste Industries- 770-474-9273 (serving Jonesboro, Riverdale, East Point, College Park, Atlanta)

Waste Management- 866-331-1993 (serving Jonesboro, Riverdale, East Point, College Park, Atlanta)

T&R South Sanitation- 770-473-0821 (serving Clayton County and nearby Fulton County areas)

IWS- 678-854-8169 (serving Coweta and Fayette Counties)

Internet & Cable/Satellite Providers (Please do not install satellite dish on roof)

Direct TV- 1-888-795-9488           

Dish Network- 1-844-313-9782  

Charter Communications- 1-877-906-9121

Comcast/XFinity 1-800-934-6489

AT&T- 1-866-861-6075 


Valor Homes 100, LLC Move Out Policy

Voluntary Move Out Process:

We hope to maintain a long term renting relationship with all our tenants however if you wish to move out of the property after your lease is up, please let us know in writing 30 days prior to moving out. In order to receive your security deposit back, we ask that you leave the property in a clean state with no damages. You must call the office to do a proper Move Out Inspection or your are at risk of losing some, if not all of your security deposit. Any monies owed to Valor Homes due to damages and/or past due rent or utility bills will be deducted from the balance of your security deposit. See the Painting Policy if you’ve painted the house. This security deposit cannot be used as your last month's rent. Once an inspection of the home has been completed by one of Valor Homes representatives, any credit balance remaining will be mailed to you by check to the forwarding address you provide us in your notice within 30 Days. If you’d like to pick up the check from our office, you may contact us so we can set up a time that is mutually agreeable. We must do a full Inspection of the property with the tenant present before any deposit is refunded. If you’re unable to meet for a Move Out Inspection, please let us know when you leave and be sure to lock the windows and the doors.

Involuntary Move Out Process:

In the event you are required to vacate the property, we ask that you leave the home in a clean state and with no damages and that you call the office to schedule a proper Move Out Inspection. If we do not know you’ve vacated, the house is vulnerable for vandalism.

Below is a detailed explanation of Valor Homes’ eviction process. You will receive a late notice to indicate that we have not received a payment from you. At that time you will need to make contact to establish a planned date for payment and confirm the acceptable amount due at that time.

EVICTION STEP 1 – Tenant will be issued a 10 day letter that will be mailed or emailed. There will be an additional late fee that equals 10% of the rent less the initial $50.00 late fee applied to the tenants account. Tenant has the option of discussing a payment plan. 

EVICTION STEP 2 – Tenant will be issued a 3 day letter that will be mailed or emailed. 

EVICTION STEP 3- If there is no communication from tenant after receiving 3 day notice, final eviction proceedings begins. A Valor Homes representative will go to the courthouse and file a dispossessory warrant. Once the warrant has been filed but you wish to pay to stay in the home, you must contact Valor Homes to find out how much you will need to pay in order to cancel court. There will be a $100 dispossessory fee applied to tenant account in addition to the filing cost.

EVICTION STEP 4- If tenant does not voluntarily vacate the property or pay agreed upon amount, a trial date will be set by the court in which both a representative from Valor Homes as well as the tenant will be required to attend. If tenant fails to show up for the court date, an order will be placed for a Sheriff to extract tenant belongings from the property.